R U Acting Like a Baby?

R U Acting Like a Baby?

You SHOULD be!

I have a big, healthy grandson who is 4 months old.  He laughs, he cries and manages to do all the things that a four month old baby is expected to do.  He doesn’t cry much, so when he does, you know that there is something that needs attention!  There is one thing that does NOT go unnoticed!  When he is hungry, his crying is more consistent and more persuasive than at any other time for any other reason!!  He is serious about feeding time.

You can try to divert his attention to something else, but he won’t cooperate.  There is no rationalizing with him because, of course, he is too young for that!  There is no use trying to explain that the bottle is on the way, he doesn’t understand and doesn’t much care about what anyone has to say at that moment.  He is hungry!  There is absolutely NOTHING that works short of feeding the boy!    Once the hunger is satisfied, he is extremely happy again.

How hungry are you for success in your marketing business.  When I think about it, I begin to realize that you need to act like a three month old baby!  Now, you probably shouldn’t go around crying about it, but that attitude should be pretty much parallel to that of Kolten!  When you are really hungry for success, nothing else will satisfy that hunger!  At that point, no one can talk you out of it, you WILL find a way to make it work.  Gurus may tell you to keep at it, success is on the way, but when you are really focused, even those well-meaning words of encouragement won’t appease the inner drive that forces you to find an answer that actually works!  You won’t be content with just talking about it any longer when you really get hungry.

Here is the formula for success:

Hunger + action = results

One without the other doesn’t do much good at all.

Hunger is a good thing, but without action nothing is accomplished.  There are a lot of marketers who want success, but don’t know what to do, so they do NOTHING.  They are paralyzed by fear, lack of instruction, lack of direction, lack of perfection or any number of problems that keep them from tacking any kind of action.  We have all experienced those times, but sooner or later you MUST come out if the paralysis in order to move forward.  Do something, even if it is wrong!  When you do something that is wrong, you can learn why it is wrong and learn what to do to correct the problem and move forward with a greater confidence that you are one step closer to success because you know what NOT to do!

Action is a good thing, but without the hunger to go along with it, many times it becomes just busy work.  Action without the proper direction doesn’t do much for you.  You can work for hours and not be any closer to becoming successful because you are working on the wrong things.  Again, all of us have been there!  If you don’t know what to do, ask someone for help.  Hopefully, you will ask the right person and get the right direction and take the proper action to get the job done.  It can be extremely frustrating to do a lot of work only to find out that it wasn’t necessary to do what you did to accomplish the task at hand.  Avoid the frustration by getting a solid plan in place and work that plan with a driving hunger that will cause you to succeed!

Hunger + action = results — YOUR results!

Terry Gunn


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