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Content Everywhere

There are just a few simple, but powerful, steps to successful video/content.  It doesn’t matter whether you are promoting your own products or affiliate products, you can easily create content that will drive traffic to your offers which will result in sales which will equal money in your pay pal account. It doesn’t have to be a painful, or a costly experience.

I start with an idea, turn it in to an outline, then turn the outline into a series of articles, a blog post, an audio file and then into a finished video.   The video is the EASIEST part of it all!  There are different options available in each step allowing you to choose what is the easiest and best method for YOU so that you can feel comfortable making your own videos.

There are free methods that I use to create the high quality slides that ultimately will become the basis for the video production.

There are simple ways to get the job done and of course there are more advanced techniques as well.

You can use this method for one video or a series of videos to complete a product.

Want to create a Traffic Tsunami?  It’s all about content!

The first step in the video creation process is the outline.  When you build a house, you start with an idea, then a rough sketch, and then a detailed blueprint.  When a new automobile rolls off the assembly line, you did not see it, but the process included an idea, a sketch, perhaps a clay model, and then many other steps in preparation for the day that the first car would be produced.  Your video is an important piece of your marketing puzzle and if it is going to look right and perform right it has to be produced with proper planning and forethought going into each step along the way.  Your outline will make sure that you start right and stay on track throughout the entire process.

First, just list the steps involved in whatever process you are explaining.

Then, expand the main topics with sub topics (where appropriate).

Next, expand the sub topics even more if needed:

When you have broken the topics down as much as you can or as much as you desire, then your outline is complete and you are ready to start writing about each bullet point.

The next step is to turn each topic and/or sub topic into an article.

These short articles can be used as print documents for any number of content forms for your use after the video is completed.  You could use them as articles to post on article sites, use them as a blog post, compile them as an E-book, or use them in your email campaigns!

But first, let me say that you need to write them as if you were sitting at the kitchen table explaining your topic to a friend.  Don’t get carried away with big words that you wouldn’t use in a normal conversation.  Don’t try to impress anyone, just deliver your message in a normal conversational tone that will come across in your writing.

The third step is to turn those little articles into videos.

Let’s begin with the easiest, yet the least desirable option for some people, the head shot.  It is the easiest method because all you have to do is turn on the camera and begin talking or reading

A very popular method right now for making quick, inexpensive, yet great quality videos is the use of power point type slides.  You can use Microsoft Power Point, or if you don’t have that on your computer, you can use the free Open Office suite which includes Impress.  The simplest method is to copy 40 to 50 words from your article and paste them into a slide using a larger font size.

A very popular option for making videos is the use of screencast software.  The concept is simple.  You hit the record button and the software will record whatever is on your screen and your voice at the same time and turn it into a video!

Another very good option is to take the slides you have made and the vocal that you have recorded and put them together using video editing software.

The final step in the creation of your video, no matter which method you are using, will usually be the editing of the video.  There will undoubtedly be little glitches that you will want to remove (maybe large glitches).

The fourth step is in no way necessary, but once you have created these small articles, why not post them on your own web site?  You can post them as a blog post or set up a section for articles – or both!

The last step is to rinse and repeat!  Once you have a funnel up and running, driving traffic and making sales for you, do it again!  I’m not sure that I even need to mention this, it really is pretty logical.  If it works, do some more of it.

Terry Gunn

Traffic Tsunami

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