Buyer or Seller?

Buyer or Seller?

Fans following teams that are out of the running this year are hoping for veterans who demand a lot of money to be traded for younger players that could affect the future of the club.  Fans that are cheering for a winning club wait to see if the management will make a move or two to plug what holes may exist in the current roster and make the team even stronger.

The day after the All Star game, announcers were asking the question, “Is this team a buyer or a seller?”  It’s decision time!  The heads of each organization must take inventory and assess the position of their team to decide whether or not they have a shot at the post season.  Are they good enough to make it to the end, or is this year hopeless?  Should they be buying players that will help them reach the playoffs, or should they be looking to sell off some players that have value to other teams in order to obtain guys that will improve their chances for next year and beyond.  Are they going to be buyers or sellers?  That is the question right now in baseball.

At some point, you have to ask yourself the same question where your marketing is concerned.  Are you a buyer or a seller?  However, the comparison stops right there!

In baseball, if you are buying, you are shoring up to reach an impending goal; in marketing if you are a buyer then you probably aren’t making any money yet, you are still buying everything in sight trying to get to the point where you can become a seller and make some money.  If you have a buyer mindset, then you are probably feeling insecure about your knowledge and that insecurity makes you buy much more than you really need to buy thinking that the next product will have the one piece of the puzzle that you are missing.  At some point, you have to stop buying; you have to change your mindset from that of a buyer to one of a seller!

In baseball, if you are selling, you have basically given up on this season and admitting that you aren’t going to make it right now; in marketing if you are selling, then you most likely are making some good money online.  That doesn’t meant that you totally stop buying products once you are selling your own, but you no longer buy everything that comes along.  You buy to find out if you want to promote a certain product.  You buy to see what other marketers are doing in the marketplace.  You have a reason in mind when you buy; you don’t think like a buyer, you are thinking like a seller.

They are two separate mental states.  We all pretty much start out as buyers.  Buy, buy, buy.  But sooner or later, that pattern has to stop; the time for that change is different for each individual, but it has to happen.  And when it does, a major transformation will take place in your business.  As soon as you learn one or two marketing skills, you are in a position to be able to teach others what you have learned.

Are you ready to take action and begin to make some money?  Then the first step is to change that mindset from buyer to seller.  You can do it.  There is only ONE you.  Whatever skill you have, no one can teach it like you can.  Become a seller!

Terry Gunn

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