Blowing In The Wind

This morning, as I am writing, I can hear the wind. It’s quite strong and the powerful sound of its howling is the same force that moves the wind chimes into beautiful music. It can be invigorating and frightening at the same time. Change can have the same effect on us.  What divides us in times of wind and change is how we respond. Each of us handles those times in different ways.

It certainly feels that change has never been more constant and rapid than what we are experiencing right now. Leaders, organizational structures, music and so many other things are moving so quickly it can often feel like trying to nail down Jell-O. We acknowledge change, yet we still wrestle with our responses to it. Change is messy, uncertain and we can become nervous and uptight to the point that it can be a challenge to calm ourselves.

Nothing remains the same for very long. Seasons change, people change and organizations shift, and so does our ability to adapt and respond. We tend to resist and debate the merits of every change that comes along. Some of us work diligently to block change in an effort to keep things “the way we’ve always done it.”

Sound familiar? 

However, change seems to continue. We can feel the eeriness of it or we can listen for the music that is generated by it.

The challenge is to seize new opportunities and discover what the benefits may be no matter how uncomfortable. Change is more than an inconvenience. It protects us from complacency, forcing us to focus on priorities and what we can become rather than remembering what it used to be. YESTERDAY is gone. TOMORROW is not here, yet.  We need to make the most of what TODAY has to offer.  Most of us have key people in our teams and/or circles of influence that help lead the way, keep us together and motivate us to explore creative new ideas.

What if we were to approach the winds of change by building windmills instead of walls? Take some time today and do something that gives strength and encouragement to your windmill building efforts. Who are the people in your business that you rely on most when things get tough?

The wind will continue, as will change. Who partners in carrying your load as you build your windmills? Let them know, that they are appreciated for the way they make a difference.

One of the few things in life that is certain is CHANGE.  It will come.

How will you handle it?


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